How do I extract phone and email information from a description field in flutter

here is an example text

 Good to know you!<br/><br/> <br/>Apply online today! 
    If you have any questions please contact fname@lname@company.com<br/>theUser will reach out if we believe you would be a good fit.<br/><br/>

I would like to get the phone#(111-222-3333) and email(fname@lname@company.com)

Thanks for your help


You can use String.Split("Your regex")

For the phone number please check this

Flutter Dart: How to extract a number from a string using RegEx

and for email here's email rejex use this package https://pub.dev/packages/email_validator

final mailPattern = r"\b[\w\.-]+@[\w\.-]+\.\w{2,4}\b";
final regEx = RegExp(mailPattern, multiLine: true);
final obtainedMail = regEx.allMatches(text.toString()).map((m) => m.group(0)).join(' ');

Use this code as a reference.

text is a list which i converted into a long string by writing text.toString()

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