I want to switch 3 views and let them switch from 1-2-3. The first view is to let users input name and password, the second view will show his information to let him confirm and the third view will show him a list of options so he can choose what to do next.

The problem is how to switch these views? If I use a navigation controll to switch views, how can I add textfield in it so users can input their infomation?

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Thanks for your answers and I find this isn't so complicated as I thought earlier. After a few attempts, I finally made it. I just use NavigationController to switch between UIViews.

Now I understand that navigation controller can swith not only from UITableView to UIView, but also from UIView to UIView. Using a UIView class, I can organize all the controls easily in IB.


Check out Apple's sample TableViewSuite application for hints. You'll find more sample code at Apple's iPhone Developer site.

  • That example doesn't have any view switching, only subviews of tables.
    – Brent
    Jul 12, 2010 at 22:25
  • It demonstrates the navigation pattern for view switching. Jul 12, 2010 at 22:42

You hate to write your code into


set the button property by using connection Inspector set the button to touchesDown. After this the view which you want to see at the beginning. Make it's alpha value 1 and other view's alpha value should be 0. After filling all information when you will click on button. Make alpha value of first view should be 0 and the second view's alpha should be 1. Like that you can proceed

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