It seems that I cannot use a regex group when using mod rewrite, e.g.


That would do something like this:


For those numbers that have a 1 in it would append the $1 group and a number, e.g.

$1 is a+typical+get+query

and $19 is the page number, it would return a+typical+get+query9 as you can see the number is appended at the end.


    [a] => a typical get query
    [b] => some other field for the query
    [c] => 1
    [d] => 1
    [e] => 1
    [f] => a typical get query1
    [g] => a typical get query3
    [h] => a typical get query5
    [i] => a typical get query7
    [j] => a typical get query9

Why is it doing this?


There is a limit of 9 back references ($1, $2,... $9) in mod_rewrite.

The $10 $11 etc back references are being interpreted as just $1.

See this post for some tips on conserving the back references (you'll have to write your rule differently): mod_rewrite number of parameters/back-references limitation

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