I'm trying to invoke the following command:

ffmpeg -y -i 1.png -vf "thumbnail=300,scale='min(300,iw)':-1" -frames:v 1 o.png

Input file:

enter image description here

Output file:

enter image description here

Is it possible to fix it?


Remove the thumbnail filter. It does not preserve transparency and it does nothing in your command as it is intended to be used with a video input and not a single image input:

Select the most representative frame in a given sequence of consecutive frames.

ffmpeg -y -i 1.png -vf "scale='min(300,iw)':-1" -frames:v 1 o.png

You can view the source code of libavfilter/vf_thumbnail.c to see supported pixel formats:

static const enum AVPixelFormat pix_fmts[] = {

None of these support transparency (it would contain A in the pixel format name that does support transparency/alpha).

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