I'm on XCode 11.1 on latest Catalina and none of my app's quit events are being called. applicationShouldTerminate in the AppDelegate nor do I get NSApplicationWillTerminateNotification if I observe it from anywhere. This is from the default quit behavior (Using the menu quit command, Command-Q, or closing the window with applicationShouldTerminateAfterLastWindowClosed returning YES) from the XCode app template using the default storyboard.

This happens with a brand new Xcode project template (If I start a new macOS "App" template, then add the applicationShouldTerminate method to the app delegate).

Other delegate methods like applicationShouldTerminateAfterLastWindowClosed are being called.

Am I doing something horribly wrong or is something messed up with Catalina?


Well, I figured it out and it's because it seems that NSSupportsSuddenTermination is on by default now.


NSSupportsSuddenTermination is also called 'Application can be killed immediately when user is shutting down or logging out' within Xcode, and seems enabled by default.

Thanks @toastie

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