I've a little problem with reach router, using react hooks. I need capture the params of the route in the browser I tried with props of the native documentation in the web of reach router but that is not giving me the param, the route is this: http://localhost:8080/home?init=true

How to capture that variable "init"?


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Reach Router has a useLocation hook you can use:

import { useLocation } from "@reach/router"
// then 
const location = useLocation()

In location.search is the search field, containing all the query parameters (query strings) from your URL. In your example, /home?init=true would return location.search: "?init=true", which is a query string.

You can use query-string library (yarn add query-string) to parse this:

import { parse } from "query-string"
// then
const searchParams = parse(location.search)

which would give you object {init: "true"} you could also parse booleans with queryString.parse('foo=true', {parseBooleans: true})

So the full example would be

import { useLocation } from "@reach/router"
import { parse } from "query-string"
// and
const location = useLocation()
const searchParams = parse(location.search) // => {init: "true"}

In no time, most of us will be redoing this everytime, so it's best to create a custom hook just to do this.

    // A custom hook that builds on useLocation to parse
    // the query string for you.
    export const useQuery = queryParam => {
      const search = new URLSearchParams(useLocation().search);
      return search.get(queryParam);
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    This should be the answer, as it's the only one that doesn't require an additional library. Feb 25, 2021 at 22:39

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