I am trying to put a p5js video in my HTML with iframes and the video will not play but I can see the frame of the canvas and graphics from p5.

It won't even ask for permission to use camera.

I tried making the video element in html. I don't know how to get the video to stream

Change part 1

the graphics play from p5 but the video capture does not stream in html. It works perfect on the p5js preview.

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    Welcome to Stack Overflow. You need to ask a more specific question and include code. – StackSlave Oct 22 at 2:04
  • how can it be more specific. I put p5js iframes into html and the video capture element does not work. this is the p5 code createCanvas(1120, 900); capture = createCapture(VIDEO); capture.size(1120, 900); capture.hide(); – corndog-labs Oct 22 at 2:11

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