I like the idea of the side-by-side development in JHipster to support easy upgrading, etc as demonstrated in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gg5CYoBdpVo

So instead of manually creating the BandExtendedResource and the BandExtendedRepository, etc, is there already, or could there be either:

  • a JDL option to indicate side-by-side is going to be used
  • or a yeoman generator for these files?

I understand this could be a bit circular, in that, the point of the extended classes is that we don't overwrite them, but these could/would be excluded (one way or another) from subsequent generator runs.

  • +1 for your post. i don't think there is a jdl option. It will be very nice to have such mecanism. I hope that some one in jhipster community will work on this. – soung Oct 26 at 17:30

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