I have a simple Python 2.7 Google App Engine application. I set my PyCharm Professional IDE to debug or run the app with Datastore emulator, and get the following error:

`Cannot use the Cloud Datastore Emulator because the packaged grpcio is incompatible to this system. Please install grpcio using pip`

I have tried to install this package (grpcio) using pip with no change

PyCharm runs this command to launch the app: /usr/bin/python2.7 /home/netanel/Desktop/google-cloud-sdk/google-cloud-sdk/bin/dev_appserver.py --port 8080 --host localhost --clear_datastore=yes app.yaml --support_datastore_emulator=True

If I running this command from the terminal window it runs well


Do you have both python 3 and python 2.7 installed? Your pip install grpcio is likely installing for python 3 if so. Try

python2.7 -m pip install grpcio

to install grpcio for your python 2.7 environment that dev_appserver.py needs to use to run.

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