Is it possible to limit the new widget Page Selector by a given page type? I know you can set it to load a specific path using EditingComponentProperty(nameof(PageSelectorProperties.RootPath) but can't see a way to limit by page type.


Currently there isn't, just by path i'm afraid. Not sure if Kentico is working on it, it would be nice to have as we have run into the same thing.


You could always add a new widget property

In your model properties class

[EditingComponent(TextInputComponent.IDENTIFIER, Order = 0, Label = "Page Selector Class")]
public string PageSelectorClass { get; set; }

In your controller

var pages = DocumentHelper.GetDocuments(GetProperties().PageSelector)
//any other LINQ statements you need
  • I'm not sure this would work? I need to filter the actual page selector, not do something with what was selected. – mp3duck Oct 31 at 9:15
  • @mp3duck O so you want to restrict it so you can only select a specific page type. As far as I know this isn't possible. You'd have to create your own form component. – Regis Oct 31 at 18:20

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