i want to create One Page for 5 different Companys.

i have a main navigation with "Services, Informations, Jobs" and some sub-item's.

and a left Sidebar(?) where the 5 Companys are show. If i entry the site, the first Company must be automaticly choosen. If i go in nav to Services then the page for "Company A" must be loaded, but if i click on the Sidebar on "Company B" The Page "Services" for Company B must be loaded.

So i need every Page 5 times, for every Company.

Its like WPML but without language, just for Companys.

how can i realize that ?

  • Multisite will be nice fit for this with a language switcher (company switcher) – Earid Oct 22 at 21:16
  • But i got a coding-logic Problem, i hope i could explain that in my post – Deluxe23 Oct 24 at 6:18

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