Date Popup does not close when I press ESC or click outside the window.
This scenario happens only if ngbDatepicker splits into two parts for the additional beautification.
Any help will be appreciated. Angular 7 is the version currently used.

<div class="input-group input-margin-top">
    <div class="clearable">
        <i class="clearable-clear mdi mdi-calendar-text"  (click)="toggleDatepicker($event)" ></i>
        <input class="input-style"  #ngbDp name="dp" [readonly]="true"  [(ngModel)]="start_date"  ngbDatepicker
<div #calendarStart class="date-picker popup">
    <div class="close-button-row">
        <button class="ml-auto" (click)="toggleDatepicker($event)">
            <i class="mdi mdi-close"></i>
    <div class="flex-row-center">Start Date</div>
    <ngb-datepicker #dp [(ngModel)]="start_date" (navigate)="date = $event.next" name="ngbDp"
        [minDate]="minDate" [maxDate]="maxDate" (ngModelChange)="onStartDateChange($event)">


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