Has anyone had any experience with using the STEP and EXPRESS formats in a .Net environment?

I am looking for a tool that will generate a c# class structure based on an EXPRESS schema. I would also like the tool to create a parser/file generator for importing and exporting to STEP-files.

Does anyone know of a tool that does this? Any tools that will bring me closer to my own implementation would also be useful.


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I know this is an old question, but I thought I'd answer for anyone else who stumbles upon it.

If you need to work with STEP and EXPRESS and don't want CAD libraries, or if you need an uncommon or custom schema, take a look at (shameless plug!) STEPcode, which uses the BSD license.

It generates C++, not C# - but IMO it would be far easier to modify SCL than to start from scratch.

Note that this was formerly known as Step Class Library, the same SCL that @roch mentions above. A group of people are improving it, and the NIST version is very dated.

edit: new name, new URL


There is a list of tools you might be interested in on the PDES website. Some of these tools allows for example to generate a XML representation of your EXPRESS schema. It might then be easier to implement your tool from there.

It looks like Open CASCADE is open source and developed in a .NET environment.

  • Thanks. That looks like a useful tool. I'm downloading it now. Oct 8, 2009 at 9:10

While not .Net, if you are interested in higher-level tools based on open cascade, you should take a look at pythonocc.


IFC Engine can also read STEP files via SDAI (Standard Data Access Interface). There is also a C# binding.

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