I am migrating source code from 32-bit to 64-bit. It is the first time for me, so it is hard.

I am migrating a C++Builder XE project to C++Builder 10.3 Rio, and I have met some problems.

First thing is changing a VS DLL file to C++Builder lib file to use mkexp.


A 1kb lib file is generated only. What should I do to make the lib file correctly?

Second thing is when I add a lib file to my project when the platform option is 64-bit, it looks like my lib is disabled:


If I change the platform option to 32-bit, it becomes enabled:


It looks strange for me. What option should I touch to make that work correctly?

  • did you verify the DLL is 64-bit and has exports? Did you verify that RtApi.lib and BCB6_TMBSCOM.LIB are 64bit libs? Especially BCB6_TMBSCOM.LIB, considering that BCB6 did not support 64bit development at all. Typically .lib files are for 32bit and .a files are for 64bit. – Remy Lebeau Oct 24 '19 at 21:47

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