I want to return a cell which formatting depends on whether it is the last cell in the row or not. Basically, I need "|" spacers between cells, but I don't want one at the end of each row, like so:

Actor 1 | Actor 2 | Actor 3
Longnamed Actor | Short | Another Actor
Actor 4 | Actor 5

For now I just add a "|" label at the trailing end of each cell. Then I mask out the last few pixels of collection view to hide the spacers at row ends. The problem with this approach is that the spacers are not evenly spaced in between cells.

I'd prefer to have spacers in separate cells. That would give me even spacing, but I need a way to know if the cell is at line break and skip the spacer.

Is there a way to determine if flow layout decided it is the last cell and return and empty spacer cell in cellForItem?

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