What is the difference between these two? We used git-lfs in my previous job and we are starting to use dvc alongside git in my current one. They both place some kind of index instead of file and can be downloaded on demand. Has dvc some improvements over the former one?


DVC is a better replacement for git-lfs.

Unlike git-lfs, DVC doesn't require installing a dedicated server; It can be used on-premises (NAS, SSH, for example) or with any major cloud provider (S3, Google Cloud, Azure).

For more information: https://dvc.org/doc/use-cases/data-and-model-files-versioning


Please, see also these two links that could give more details:

https://discuss.dvc.org/t/dvc-compared-with-gitlfs-for-storage-and-versioning-only/241/2 https://towardsdatascience.com/why-git-and-git-lfs-is-not-enough-to-solve-the-machine-learning-reproducibility-crisis-f733b49e96e8

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