So I have database with amount and created_at field on it and I want to the total amount per month of the current year and or every year.

$sql = 'SELECT SUM(amount) as "Amount",MONTHNAME(created_at) as "Month"
FROM transactions WHERE YEAR(created_at) = YEAR(CURDATE())
GROUP BY YEAR(created_at),MONTH(created_at)';

Actual Table

ID    amount     created_at
1      1000      2019-10-24    
2      234       2019-11-11
3      122       2019-09-04
4      5200      2019-09-14

Expected Result

ID    Amount     Month
1      6322      September    
2      234       November

Syntax error or access violation: 1055 db.table.created_at isn't in Group by(SQL: SELECT SUM(amount) as "Total Amount", MONTHNAME(created_at) as " Month

Please what is it saying. However if run this query on phpmyadmin it works perfectly well


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First set the strict => false in app\config\database -> mysql

after that run php artisan optimize


 $sql = DB::table('transactions')
        ->select(DB::raw('SUM(amount) as Amount,MONTHNAME(created_at) as Month Name'))
        ->where(DB::raw('YEAR(created_at) = YEAR(CURDATE())'))
  • Give a sql syntax Error the syntax to use near 'group by created_at' Oct 24, 2019 at 14:03
  • My fault seen it Oct 24, 2019 at 14:10

You're grouping on portions of created_at, then referring to created_at itself when you SELECT. The issue is that only aggregate functions and the things grouped on can be used when you group results in the query. If you use MONTH(created_at) in select instead of MONTHNAME you should be fine (or you could group by YEAR, MONTHNAME instead and continue to use MONTHNAME in your projection

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