I'm following this tutorial: https://skilldrick.github.io/easy6502/

and in the Registers and flags section there is a part that says "If you were looking carefully enough, you’ll have noticed that the carry flag was set to 1 after this operation. So that’s how you know."

The trouble is, I can't identify where the carry flag is shown.

Right before the Instructions it states: "The last section shows the processor flags. Each flag is one bit, so all seven flags live in a single byte."

Here's what I'm seeing:

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According to this site, the last line in your screenshot which is 10110001 is the flags sections and the rightmost bit is the Carry Flag

7  bit  0
---- ----
|||| ||||
|||| |||+- Carry
|||| ||+-- Zero
|||| |+--- Interrupt Disable
|||| +---- Decimal
||++------ No CPU effect, see: the B flag
|+-------- Overflow
+--------- Negative
  • 1
    That visual aid made all the difference. Thank you!
    – Mentalist
    Oct 25, 2019 at 5:54
  • You are welcome, glad to be able to help. It took me 5 minutes of googling, after looking at the link you provided to get some search keywords. I couldn't figure out which bit was what from your link too.
    Oct 25, 2019 at 5:57

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