When I run ubuntu, the tomcat server I have installed runs automatically and I have to switch it off manually. I want tomcat not to start automatically on boot. How to disable tomcat's startup on boot?


-> first: find out the name of the service. for example: tomcat or tomcat6

Than: try this:

sudo update-rc.d tomcat remove

You can use the following tool:

sudo sysv-rc-conf


If this doesn't work, the next will work

1.) find out your current runlevel


2.) (re)move the startscript from the runlevel directory /etc/rcX.d (wher X is the number of the current runlevel) Example:

mv /etc/rc5.d/S90tomcat /etc/rc5.d/disable.S90tomcat

The Script Starts with S and an Number (for example S90tomcat), which mena: S=stratscript for tomcat, Start at position 90.

Simply delete or move that script.

3.) Finaly also remov the stop-Script (Kill Script) which lookes like /etc/rcX.d/Kyytomcat where yy is an Number between 0-99 and X is the runlevel, you still know.

mv /etc/rc5.d/K01tomcat /etc/rc5.d/disable.K01tomcat

Look at this http://www.unixtutorial.org/2009/01/disable-service-startup-in-ubuntu/

  • Note: that the default tomcat service name is "tomcat7" in ubuntu 14. If your tomcat is tomcat6 you will need to do "sudo update-rc.d tomcat6 disable" else you will get error – Dung Jun 10 '16 at 16:12

I installed tomcat using this tutorial and following solution worked for me.

Edit tomcat.conf

   sudo vim /etc/init/tomcat.conf

I changed start on runlevel value to

    start on runlevel []

Stop autostart

    sudo initctl stop tomcat

When the Ubuntu OS reboots, the Apache Tomcat Server will start automatically. This program setting can be changed by entering one of the following two commands.

sudo systemctl enable tomcat9


sudo systemctl disable tomcat9

enter image description here

source: https://linuxhint.com/install_apache_tomcat_server_ubuntu/

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