Can anyone help me with any solution to solve this error while creating an AWS Lambda application from IAM user account:

Error creating application: You are not authorized to perform: serverlessrepo:GetApplication.

My permissions are:

Permissions for IAM user

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    @NickMartin nice one, I've bookmarked the nocode page to use in the future! Oct 25, 2019 at 19:19

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As the exception says

You are not authorized to perform: serverlessrepo:GetApplication

This means that your IAM user, or the role assumed by the deployment process, does not have an Allow effect for the serverlessrepo:GetApplication action.

To resolve this add a policy with an Allow effect for serverlessrepo:GetApplication to your IAM user, or the role being assumed by the deployment function.


In IAM console, firstly go into Policy to create policy and choose the service name Serverless Application Repository. And config actions and resources for your requirement (by default, the selected option of Resources is a specific repository).

enter image description here

After created, go to User in IAM console and attach the new policy for this user.

Now you should be able to perform: serverlessrepo:GetApplication. If you found that refreshing page does not take effect, please log out and log in again to apply the policy.

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