My question is very simular to Convert RGBA color to RGB only I have a Hex string not byte colour values.

I am working with EPPlus and I wish to convery cell background colours to HTML colours.
The cell backgound colours come from this property ColorType.Rgb.
Note: The property says Rgb but as the doc says it is actually Argb.

During testing I have one Red cell which has the Argb hex of #FFFF0000 but as I understand it, in HTML the Alpha is not supported and the Rgb hex for red is #FF0000.

I need to first convert the Hex strings to byte values, perform the calculation from the previous answer, convert the Rgb bytes into a hex string.



You can convert the Hex string to an integer value using the base 16 as

int argb = Convert.ToInt32("0xFFFF0000", 16);

and then create your color with

Color c = Color.FromArgb(argb);

finally you can get a new hex string with only RGB values with

string rgb = $"#{c.R:X2}{c.G:X2}{c.B:X2}";
  • Might I ask, what is the 0xprefix for? I replaced with # for HTML colour. – Luke T O'Brien Oct 26 at 20:00
  • 0x is the prefix for HEX numbers. But you are correct, you need the # prefix here. – Steve Oct 26 at 20:18

Why not simply:

string argb = "#FFFF0000";
string rgb = argb.Remove(1, 2);

..since the format of an ARGB hex string is #AARRGGBB (source). This is the most straightforward solution (and much faster than solutions based on conversions).

To cover the case of 4 digits instead of 8, you may use something like:

int alphaDigits = (argb.Length == 9 ? 2 : 1);
string rgb = argb.Remove(1, alphaDigits);
  • Would that work with ever colour? – Luke T O'Brien Oct 26 at 20:02
  • The ColorTranslator wouldn't work because Argb is not an HTML color, only Rgb is, the ColorTranslator also works for HTML color names like "Red" not the hex "FF0000". The remarks for the To method say This is the commonly used name of a color, such as "Red", "Blue", or "Green", and not string representation of a numeric color value, such as "FF33AA". – Luke T O'Brien Oct 27 at 12:37
  • @LukeTO'Brien 1) I used this as an alternative solution to using .Remove() which is the most straightforward solution (and it works as shown above). 2) ColorTranslator will work because FromHtml() uses ColorConverter.ConvertFrom internally which supports ARGB hex values, then .ToHtml() just ignores the alpha value. You may test using this code to confirm. – Ahmed Abdelhameed Oct 27 at 19:33
  • 3) I already mentioned in the answer that .ToHtml() will produce color names when possible (which works for HTML) and resorts to RGB hex values when it's not a known color name. So, it's up to you to decide. If you want to use color names with HTML when possible, you may use the ColorTranslator solution. Otherwise, if you prefer to have hex values for all colors, you can either use the .Remove() solution or the one provided by Steve in his answer. – Ahmed Abdelhameed Oct 27 at 19:33
  • I added the ColorTranslator solution as a separate answer to include more information. – Ahmed Abdelhameed Oct 27 at 19:52

Note: This solution, although produces a valid HTML color value, that value doesn't necessarily have to be an RGB hex string as explained below. It's also significantly slower than my other solution.

A third solution would be to use the ColorTranslator class, which works because:

  • The ColorTranslator.FromHtml() method uses ColorConverter.ConvertFrom internally (which can parse ARGB hex values).

  • The ColorTranslator.ToHtml then just ignores the alpha value and only uses the RGB values to generate the string1.


Color c = ColorTranslator.FromHtml("#FFFF0000");
string rgb = ColorTranslator.ToHtml(c);

And here's some test code to show that this solution will work with all possible ARGB hex values:

    // Incrementing by 5 to save time. We can use `++` to cover all possible values
    // but it will take a long time to execute.
    for (int a = 0; a <= 255; a += 5)
        for (int r = 0; r <= 255; r += 5)
            for (int g = 0; g <= 255; g += 5)
                for (int b = 0; b <= 255; b += 5)
                    ColorTranslator.FromHtml($"#{a.ToString("X2")}{r.ToString("X2")}" +
    Console.WriteLine("All is good!");
catch (FormatException ex)
    Console.WriteLine($"Failed. Message='{ex.Message}'");

1However, keep in mind that ColorTranslator.ToHtml() will not necessarily return an RGB hex string. It tries to return a color name if the color has a known color name (which works for HTML), otherwise, it resorts to RGB hex values in the format of #RRGGBB.

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