I have a (non-Google, non-intelligent) device that can be controlled by a simple http command. Can I write an app for my Google Home Mini that can respond to my verbal request and send the http command to this device (on my local LAN)?

for example

Thanks in advance Garry


You can create a Smart Home action that you can run on any Assistant-enabled device (such as a Google Home Mini) that sends the http command to your home device. To run it locally, you can use the Local Home SDK.

There is a local home SDK sample available based around controlling lights that would be a good starting point for you to reference.


You can avoid any SDK using IFTTT. It supports simple commands for Google home

You can add a trigger with a couple of parameters. You’d need to add a Webhook action. You might have to make something public that can call your endpoint, but that’s a lot simpler than using the Google SDK.

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