I tried to find a quick answer to this question but couldn't find anything. I am trying to set up an Ionic application to use an existing Firebase project and when running firebase init in the windows console I get this message:

Error: Cloud resource location is not set for this project but the operation you are attempting to perform in Cloud Firestore requires it. Please see this documentation for more details: https://firebase.google.com/docs/projects/locations

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The message is actually clear but it took me a while to find where in the Firebase console the necessary option is located:

  • Go to your project Settings
  • On the first tab, locate the settings that reads "Set up Cloud Storage in FB console"
  • If it is not set, edit it and set the value

Strangely, this value is mandatory earlier when creating your project but for some reason you need to explicitly select it again in this form.


Here is what you have to do:

  1. Go to the firebase console and open your project

  2. Go to Storage tab ( on left )

  3. Click setup storage

  4. Run firebase init again


To their credit the command line error links out to the right page of the docs, but it's at the bottom of the page and so if hitting this error might just need to go to the project settings in the firebase console and select a region I usually go with us-central1

Firebase console with settings tab open

  • thanks, resolved my problem – CybeX May 14 at 13:27

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