I'm trying to redo the TicTacToe tutorial for React using Slinky.

At some point the game is supposed to remember whose player the turn is. For that, in the tutorial, they add a xIsNext boolean. Instead, I defined a

sealed trait Player { def next: Player }
object Player {
  case object X extends Player { def next: Player = O }
  case object O extends Player { def next: Player = X }

and the State type of the Board thus contains a nextPlayer field of type Player. When the player clicks, it should update the state by calling next on the value of nextPlayer.

However, first, when it compiles, I get the warning "Using fallback derivation for type tictactoe.SquareContent.Player (derivation: MacroWritersImpl)" that I don't understand.

Secondly, in the setState call, both nextPlayer and nextPlayer.next are equal to X.

I don't have the problem with the boolean way of doing...

How can I fix this?

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