I use this code to retrieve soundcloud data.

    client_id: API_KEY

var id = 'https://api.soundcloud.com/resolve.json?url='+url+'&client_id='+API_KEY;

SC.get(id, { limit: limit, linked_partitioning: 1 }, function(data, error){

When I query a collection, ( for example http://soundcloud.com/astateoftrance ) I get next_href in callback.

However when I query playlist / track set ( example https://soundcloud.com/simps1988/sets/mainstage-music-a-state-of ) or user favorites ( example https://soundcloud.com/playlistsofficial/likes ), I do not get next_href for pagination, but there are more results. I can get more results with limit parameter.

Why its not possible to get next_href in these cases?

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