I have many APIs that each of them has many various HTTP resources (get,post,delete, etc). As I have 3 customers I want to get a specific permission to each one.

For example:

  • for API 1 ,user 1 can only access resource 1,
  • user 2 can access all resources and
  • user 3 doesn't have any access to any resources of API 1.

I use resource scope in third part of creating an API in WSO2 publisher site. It works correctly and it was exactly what I want. but the problem is that I have to recreate the old scope when ever new User is defined. And I have to create similar scopes in every API and I cant just create them once and use them in every definition of API.

now I find another way recording to this site, which suggest to uses WSO2 identity server with XACML policy. Now I want to know the advantages and disadvantages of both approaches and find which one is better to uses it.

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