I'm working with http requests "encapsulated" as services in my js code.

Initially, my code was a little bit spaghetti, using this way:

let user;
let business;

// check if the user is authenticated
authenticationService.isAuthenticated().subscribe(authenticated => {
    // if is authenticated
    if(authenticated) {
         // get the user profile data and save it to the user variable
         profileService.get().subscribe(data => user = data);
         // get the user business data and save it to the business variable
         businessService.get().subscribe(data => business = data);

This is working, but nasty. So I rewrote the whole statement as

        filter(a => a), // continue only when true
        tap(() => {
            // as above, get data and save to relative variables
            this.profileService.get().subscribe(data => user = data));
            this.businessService.get().subscribe(data => business = data));

This is better, but I think there is a even better way to do this, just I don't know it.

Am I wrong?


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You already done a good job on refactoring, although there still room to make function more pure and with just outputting result and not mess with variables. Also try avoid nested subscribe

const getAuthUser=()=>authenticationService.isAuthenticated()
        filter(a => a), // continue only when true
        switchMap(() => 

getAuthUser().then(([user,business])=> ......)
  • Thank you for helping me with this (and be a better programmer)
    – Valerio
    Commented Oct 28, 2019 at 14:15

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