I can use val image = +imageResource(R.drawable.header) and use DrawImage(image) to load image from Drawable Resource,

But how do I load a string url into the DrawImage(image)?. I've tried using Glide, but it needs to load into imageView. meanwhile DrawImage(image) doesn't take input from imageView.



A solution loading a Bitmap from the url and using the asImageAsset() Bitmap extension method :

fun loadPicture(url: String): UiState<Bitmap> {
    var bitmapState: UiState<Bitmap> by state<UiState<Bitmap>> { UiState.Loading }

        .into(object : CustomTarget<Bitmap>() {
            override fun onResourceReady(resource: Bitmap, transition: Transition<in Bitmap>?) {
                bitmapState = UiState.Success(resource)

            override fun onLoadCleared(placeholder: Drawable?) { }

    return bitmapState

Use the function with your Image() like this :

val loadPictureState = loadPicture(url)
if (loadPictureState is UiState.Success<Bitmap>)

This snippet is using the Glide library and the UiState helper function from the JetNews official Google sample for Jetpack Compose

  • This is outdated and can no longer be used. – AndroidDev Feb 28 at 10:01

After Jetpack's beta release, using accompanist - Utils library for Jetpack Compose is the cleanest way for the above-mentioned use case.


You can use remember to watch a bitmap, then fetch it using Glide and update it as soon as you got it.

var bitmap by remember { mutableStateOf<Bitmap?>(null)}

    .into(object : CustomTarget<Bitmap>() {
        override fun onResourceReady(resource: Bitmap, transition: Transition<in Bitmap>?) {
             bitmap = resource

          override fun onLoadCleared(placeholder: Drawable?) {}

You can then use it like this:

if (bitmap != null )
    Image(bitmap!!.asImageAsset(), Modifier.fillMaxWidth())
    Text("Loading Image...")

(This is a modern version of bviale's answer)


Check out https://chrisbanes.github.io/accompanist/glide/ or the Coil equivalent, which is used in the Crane sample Compose project, available through Android Studio -> Import an Android Code Sample

It provides GlideImage for a composable Glide image.

GlideImage(data = "https://picsum.photos/300/300")

(Dependancy for Coil in Crane project https://github.com/android/compose-samples/blob/master/Crane/buildSrc/src/main/java/com/example/crane/buildsrc/Dependencies.kt)


With 1.0.0-beta02 the best way to achieve it is to use the Accompanist library available on the google repo on github.

Accompanist is a group of libraries which aim to supplement Jetpack Compose with features which are commonly required by developers, but not yet available.

Accompanist-glide is currently the best solution for Glide for Jetpack Compose.

Add in your build.gradle the dependency

repositories {

dependencies {
    implementation "com.google.accompanist:accompanist-glide:<version>"

Then just use:

    data = "your url",
    contentDescription = "My content description",

This loads the data passed in with Glide, and then displays the resulting image using the standard Image composable.


Its support is still not added in Jetpack compose for some reason. But for the time being, you can use, this class


To use it, you need to invoke it this way :

  <your image url>,

You can check here to see how I used it. https://github.com/ranjeetsinha13/gobble/blob/f8d9bca4b010adf5b4aa59cc6e56f8612ee1de09/app/src/main/java/com/rs/gobble/ui/fragments/SearchFragment.kt#L120


You can use this repo that wraps around Glide and can easily use in Composable funs


Coil for Jetpack Compose

Another option to load an image from the internet.

Add the Coil dependency to build.gradle :

dependencies {
    implementation "com.google.accompanist:accompanist-coil:<version>" // 0.8.1 

Simple use:

import androidx.compose.foundation.Image
import com.google.accompanist.coil.rememberCoilPainter

    painter = rememberCoilPainter("https://picsum.photos/300/300"),
    contentDescription = stringResource(R.string.image_content_desc)

Don't forget to add the internet permission (AndroidManifest.xml)

<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.INTERNET"/>

More custom here: Accompanist Coil Document

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