Let's say I have a type like this:

class Node {
    public Node(SomeType attributes, Node link) {

    public SomeType Attributes { get; }
    public Node Link { get; }

How can I tell AutoFixture to build this for me? I see that the type is recursive, and that the recursion depth needs to be limited. I've seen that there is a NullRecursionBehavior behavior, but it seems to only apply when AutoFixture is populating properties.

I have tried adapting Mark's example here: Creating recursive tree with AutoFixture to my problem, but it all fails on var specimen = this.builder.Create(request, context); in the CreateMethod().

I cannot change the design of my types, because they are immutable, and must stay so to facilitate the architecture of my application.

I would like to create some behavior that's generic that handle any self referencing type.

I am using the AutoMoq extension.

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