Office addin is working is working in word 2019, word 365 and word online.

Also I have checked requirement section and all office api that I am using.

I am using requirement set 1.1

Addin is loading in word 2016.

Command pane is showing addin loaded.

But when I open addin from command pane then task pane shows "A problem occred while trying to reach this addin"

I have also enabled runtime logs.

But there is no logs.

In edge developer tools, after attaching.

Addin crashes before anything could be debugged.

How can I debug it?

  • Install the Fiddler tool and see if what the Request looks like when you open the task pane. – Rick Kirkham Oct 30 at 15:24
  • I reinstalled office 2016, it is working now. I think the error happened due to office 2016 version. The build number for Office 2016 installed via MSI is 16.0.4266.1001. This version only contains the WordApi 1.1 requirement set. – Khalil Nov 1 at 3:43

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