I am using tic-toc function in my Matlab project as many places. The output time can be 331.5264 or 1234.754 seconds, etc. Can I output this is minutes format? For eg. 5 minutes and 30.6 seconds? Thanks!


All you have to do is capture the output from toc (instead of letting it display its default output), then create an output yourself using the functions fprintf, floor, and rem:

 tStart = tic;
 % Do some things...
 tEnd = toc(tStart);
 fprintf('%d minutes and %f seconds\n', floor(tEnd/60), rem(tEnd,60));
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    +1 I didn't know you could control which tic a toc was referencing. – Adam Lewis May 2 '11 at 20:07

While tic and toc do not have any way to display values in minutes, you can process the data slightly before displaying it. Check out the following link to a seconds to hour/minute converter.

Usage would be as follows:

% Do something
time_str = SECS2HMS(toc)

I will try this out when I get back on my Windows VM. Hope this helps.

You could use the datestr and datenum function built into Matlab as well in the following way. Note that I have not tried this code either, but the link reminded me of the syntax on how to do it (without bringing up Matlab)

%Do something  

The easiest way I've found is to use:

TIME = tic; % do calculations which take TIME to complete fprintf('This took %s', duration([0, 0, toc(TIME)]));

(toc() returns the time from the stopwatch in seconds, and duration() expects a three-column matrix expressing a time duration in [hours, minutes, seconds] format).

This has the nice property of keeping most of the timing calculations out of sight.

Hope this helps.

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