I've created actions on google and I set URL as webhook on my server in nodejs. I use auth0 to authorization and after it, I can do a query on my webook like onSync, onQuery etc. After a few days, my devices lost connection with my server. When the devices worked I could do console.log and I received information about every request. Now when devices not response, my server is silence. I don't know where is a problem and how can I fix it. When I delete integration with my app (with all devices) and do it again, everything is ok and devices work but I have to add devices again from my integration. Maybe someone had a similar problem.

  • Do you re-enable testing for the Action in the Actions Console? – Nick Felker Oct 30 at 15:04
  • @NickFelker what do you mean? I set just Fulfillment URL in Actions, add OAuth Client Information and it was all. Can you explain? – MatexQ Oct 31 at 10:25
  • In the TEST tab, you should see that the action is available for testing. – Nick Felker Oct 31 at 14:27

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