I'm developing an app in Electron and I need to handle a custom protocol inside this app.
I'm using app.setAsDefaultProtocolClient(PROTOCOL) for that.

I am using "open-url" for macOS to handle the URL with my custom protocol and it is working smoothly but I can't figure it out on Windows. I'm sending some data in the URL so just opening the window won't work.

I checked this answer, but this was answered in 2016 and the method makeSingleInstance is now deprecated. In the docs, it suggests to use requestSingleInstanceLock but it doesn't take any callbacks or return URL.

So how can I enable the same feature in both macOS and Windows?



app.on('ready', () => createWindow(`file://${__dirname}/views/welcome.html`));

app.on('activate', () => {
  // eslint-disable-next-line no-shadow,global-require
  const { mainWindow } = require('./utils/createWindow');
  // On OS X it's common to re-create a window in the app when the
  // dock icon is clicked and there are no other windows open.
  if (mainWindow === null) {

app.on('open-url', handleOpenURL);



module.exports = (e, data) => {
  // Some other Logic

Take a look at this example it is built with angular and electron.

You just need to make sure of the following for the custom uri to work on windows:

First, only one instant is running, by checking app.requestSingleInstanceLock() if it is true then you need to quit the app app.quit(). because we only need one instance to run. Second, you should handle the second-instance event app.on('second-instance', (event, args) => {})

const customSchemeName = 'x-company-app';
const primaryInstance = app.requestSingleInstanceLock();
if (!primaryInstance) {

// The primary instance of the application will run this code, not the new  instance
app.on('second-instance', (event, args) => {
    // handle custom uri

// Register private URI scheme for the current user when running for the first time

// Handle custom uri requests against the running app on Mac OS
app.on('open-url', (event, customSchemeData) => {
    // handle the data

I had the same issue on windows, this fixed it for me, I have tested it and it works. credits goes to gary archer.

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    The problem is, this event second-instance is not getting triggered. I tried adding logs and added the dialog in the production build but it is not working.
    – Apal Shah
    Nov 2 '19 at 7:59

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