I'm using Razor Components Blazor Server-Side ASP.NET Core project. I have a controller where I get a HTTP Post from an external service when a new messages receives. I want my razor components to show the messages as soon as they arrive. And I want multiple razor components to be able to register to that event

Is there a way to register to an event inside a controller from a razor component? Or should I use other methods like the Xamarin Message Center?

The Controller:

public class LoRaServerController : ControllerBase
    public event EventHandler<SensorData>? OnNewSensorData;
    // POST: api/LoRaServer
    public async void PostUplink()
        if (OnNewSensorData != null)
            var uplink = await DeserializeBody<Uplink>(Request.Body);
            if (uplink != null)
                OnNewSensorData(this, new SensorData(uplink));

    private async Task<T?> DeserializeBody<T>(Stream body) where T : class
        //Json deserialization...

The Razor Component:

@attribute [Authorize(Roles = "Administrator")]
@page "/lora-debug"
@using Xxx.Controller
@using Xxx.Services.Entities
@inject LoRaServerController _ctrl; //this doesn't work as controllers are no services...
@implements IDisposable;
<h3>Sensor Server Debug</h3>

<table class="table">
        @foreach (var msg in sensorData)

@code {

    private List<SensorData> sensorData = new List<SensorData>();

    protected override void OnInitialized()
        _ctrl.OnNewSensorData += Instance_OnNewSensorData;

    public void Dispose()
        _ctrl.OnNewSensorData -= Instance_OnNewSensorData;

    private void Instance_OnNewSensorData(object? sender, SensorData e)
        InvokeAsync(() => this.StateHasChanged());

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