The editElem.FieldControls["ClassShowTemplateSelection"] is null when the Document_Type_Edit_General.Page_Load is called.

Has anyone experienced this? Is it related to how the PageType is set up?

I am experiencing it with all the PageTypes we've created so far.

protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
    // Get original value
    oldClassName = DocumentType.ClassName;
    oldInheritedID = DocumentType.ClassInheritsFromClassID;
    oldResourceID = DocumentType.ClassResourceID;

    // Bind events
    editElem.OnAfterSave += editElem_OnAfterSave;
    editElem.OnBeforeSave += editElem_OnBeforeSave;

    // Assign category identifier to page template selector
    if (ValidationHelper.GetBoolean (editElem.FieldControls 
  • You are probably to early in the page life cycle when the values haven't been set yet... What are you hoping to achieve? – DTK Oct 31 at 13:28

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