If I've a git repository with tags representing the versions of the releases.

How can I get the list of the commits between two tags (with a pretty format if is possible) ?


git log --pretty=oneline tagA...tagB (i.e. three dots)

If you just wanted commits reachable from tagB but not tagA:

git log --pretty=oneline tagA..tagB (i.e. two dots)


git log --pretty=oneline ^tagA tagB


git log takes a range of commits as an argument:

git log --pretty=[your_choice] tag1..tag2

See the man page for git rev-parse for more info.


To compare between latest commit of current branch and a tag:

git log --pretty=oneline HEAD...tag

To style the output to your preferred pretty format, see the man page for git-log.


git log --pretty=format:"%h; author: %cn; date: %ci; subject:%s" tagA...tagB


git log tagA...tagB

provides standard log output in a range.


Consider also this:

git range-diff tagA...tagB

Source: https://git-scm.com/docs/git-range-diff


If your team uses descriptive commit messages (eg. "Ticket #12345 - Update dependencies") on this project, then generating changelog since the latest tag can de done like this:

git log --no-merges --pretty=format:"%s" 'old-tag^'...new-tag > /path/to/changelog.md
  • --no-merges omits the merge commits from the list
  • old-tag^ refers to the previous commit earlier than the tagged one. Useful if you want to see the tagged commit at the bottom of the list by any reason. (Single quotes needed only for iTerm on mac OS).

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