I have wrote some Python code that logs in and reads some data from Polarion ALM server via API (more informarion about Polarion API: https://almdemo.polarion.com/polarion/sdk/index.html). In my code I have used zeep Python package to handle SOAP.

My algorithm is simple:
1) Log in via logIn web service (https://almdemo.polarion.com/polarion/sdk/doc/javadoc/com/polarion/alm/ws/client/session/SessionWebService.html#logIn-java.lang.String-java.lang.String-)
2) Add current session to header - so the current session remain alive.
3) Try to read some data, for example via getRootProjectGroup web service (https://almdemo.polarion.com/polarion/sdk/doc/javadoc/com/polarion/alm/ws/client/projects/ProjectWebService.html#getRootProjectGroup--).
4) Regardless of what is happening I close the current session via endSession web service (https://almdemo.polarion.com/polarion/sdk/doc/javadoc/com/polarion/alm/ws/client/session/SessionWebService.html#endSession--).

What I observed: Ocassionally, at point 3 I receive response with Authorization Error (snippet with response):
<soapenv:Fault>\n <faultcode>soapenv:Server.generalException</faultcode>\n <faultstring>Not authorized.</faultstring>\n <detail>\n <ns1:stackTrace xmlns:ns1="http://xml.apache.org/axis/">Not authorized.\n\tat com.polarion.alm.ws.providers.DoAsUserWrapper.invoke(DoAsUserWrapper.java:37)\n\tat org.apache.axis.strategies.InvocationStrategy.visit(InvocationStrategy.java:32)\n\t..
or everything is good and I receive:

    'groupURIs': {
        'SubterraURI': [
    'location': None,
    'name': 'ROOT_CTX_NAME',
    'parentURI': None,
    'projectIDs': None,
    'uri': 'subterra:data-service:objects:${ProjectGroup}Group',
    'unresolvable': False

What surprises me the most:
- I always uses the same credential (username and password) - the session ID of the in request (point 3) is the same as in the server response during log in (point 1) so the session shall remain alive
- if I put my code in the loop (for example 1000 executions), the result for all attempts is always the same (1000 successes or 1000 failures), even if I add a wait (e.g. 1s) between the attemps

I would like to know why server rejects some of the requests. Is it some kind of Polarion server issue? How could I make a work around to somehow connect with the server and be able to read some data from the server even if it reject my first request.


It appears that it is issue with SOAP client (and relatively popular one). To fix it, I have turned off TLS verification. More details in: https://python-zeep.readthedocs.io/en/master/transport.html

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