I'm trying to clear Hibernate cache, but I can't get the Ehcache context to clear it. Thanks in advance.


public class CacheConfiguration {

    private final javax.cache.configuration.Configuration<Object, Object> jcacheConfiguration;

    public CacheConfiguration(JHipsterProperties jHipsterProperties) {
        JHipsterProperties.Cache.Ehcache ehcache = jHipsterProperties.getCache().getEhcache();

        jcacheConfiguration = Eh107Configuration.fromEhcacheCacheConfiguration(
                CacheConfigurationBuilder.newCacheConfigurationBuilder(Object.class, Object.class,

    public JCacheManagerCustomizer cacheManagerCustomizer() {
        return cm -> {
            createCache(cm, co.interedes.repository.UserRepository.USERS_BY_LOGIN_CACHE);
            createCache(cm, co.interedes.repository.UserRepository.USERS_BY_EMAIL_CACHE);
            cm.createCache(co.interedes.domain.EntityAuditEvent.class.getName(), jcacheConfiguration);
            // jhipster-needle-ehcache-add-entry

 private void createCache(javax.cache.CacheManager cm, String cacheName) {
        javax.cache.Cache<Object, Object> cache = cm.getCache(cacheName);
        if (cache != null) {
        cm.createCache(cacheName, jcacheConfiguration);

In this post https://www.journaldev.com/2969/hibernate-caching-first-level-cache clear the first level, but in Jhipster the config its different

  • Please provide the errors you have encountered. Also add more tags so the question is visible to a larger audience – Standin.Wolf Oct 31 at 16:15
  • I'm working with liquibase migration, so I changed a entity column, so Ehcache save old columns names, and now hibernate didn't find the new column Caused by: org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: ERROR: column rolpermiso0_.authority_name does not exist – jhorber95 Oct 31 at 16:32
  • I renamed authority_name column to authority – jhorber95 Oct 31 at 16:34

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