I'm trying to enable HMAC in DocuSign. I did follow this tutorial, which seams to be updated since the UI in the admin changed, and the documentation does not reflect reality anymore. This is what I have done to enable HMAC:

  1. Log-In
  2. Click on my avatar
  3. Click Go To Admin
  4. Scrolled down to the section INTEGRATIONS in the left side of the menu
  5. Clicked Connect
  6. Clicked Add Configuration
    1. I named the configuration
    2. Added the URL to my endpoint
    3. In the Integration and Security Settings I selected Include HMAC Signature - Recommended - Use a hash to verify message authenticity.
  7. Clicked the Save button

To receive Webhook messages from DocuSign I'm following this method. But I still don't get the signature in the header.

Since the documentation is outdate I might have missed some crucial setting that is needed to enable the signing off of the Webhook.

I hope someone cane point to my mistake.

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You are using two different things and mixing them.

The first thing you did was a global connect configuration for the entire account.

The second is for a specific envelope, and it overrides the global connect configuration.

You actually don't need to do that part. Once you have a global connect configuration - all envelopes in this account would be impacted and if you added HMAC - it would be applied to that. Try to remove this code and just send the envelope regularly and see if you get the HMAC header.

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