Using flutter code when I tries to login via Google Sign in on my iOS device, I get following error:

Your administrator requires you to set a passcode on this device to access this account. Please set a passcode and try again.

While on other apps it does not mandate to have passcode on iphone for logging using google

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It seems that you need to change the password settings of your domain: Device Policy Alert requires I set a passcode for access account - how do I disable?

You must be the administrator of your domain to do this, as far as I know.

Login at admin.google.com and navigate to:

Device management >> Password Settings

Then uncheck the box labeled "Require users to set a password."

  • Yes, but i want any use to login in the app. Aap should bypass this itself. – Munish Thakur Nov 4 at 5:09
  • This option is not to enable or disable the login, is to specify a password before you can login. – Pablo Barrera Nov 4 at 5:20
  • Yes, the problem statement is that: "on other apps on my phone, google signing via email works fine, while on my app with same email it ask for passcode" – Munish Thakur Nov 4 at 5:37
  • This is strange for me as behaviour should be same for all the apps.Other apps must be doing something by which their app gets successful login event while my stuck in passcode pop-up – Munish Thakur Nov 4 at 5:38
  • 1
    Thanks for your support through the debugging. SDK is working fine, The only issue is with Older SDK which does not support passcode feature of google. – Munish Thakur Nov 4 at 17:02

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