Let's say that I have the following classes in Ruby:

class Person
  attr_accessor :name, :car

class Car
  attr_accessor :maker

Is there a gem in ruby that would allow me to serialize an instance of Person to XML and allow me to add custom attributes to the XML tags as well? (preferably a declarative api, where I can either assign the attributes to a specific tag inside the declaration of the attr_accessor, or for all tags at once as a hash returned from a function).

For example, I want to achieve something like this:

  <Name origin="American">
  <Car from="My friend">

https://github.com/rails/activemodel-serializers-xml does not allow you to set custom attributes (the attributes function in the examples actually sets the tags, not the attributes). Overriding to_xml does not let me modify existing tags, and I'd rather not add new ones. Other gems such as Nokogiri seem to have a more hands on approach, where you manually build the xml instead of deriving it from the definition of a class. Thanks for the help.

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You could include the module XML::Mapping you can see an example here.

You can call all node factory methods from the body of the mapping classes.

In order to set customs attributes in the XML document:

require 'xml/mapping'

class Person
  include XML::Mapping

  text_node :from, "@from" # ,:default_value=>"My friend" migth works as well

  def initialize
    # add this to the initialize method 
    # if :default_value=>"My friend" in text_node do not works
    @from = "My friend"
  • I did stumble upon this library as well a while ago, but forgot to update my post. Works wonders for me, and is exactly what I was looking for. Marking this as the accepted answer, thanks.
    – Halcyon
    Nov 15, 2019 at 13:30

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