In the last few days (starting on Oct 28, 2019), without any code change on our part, we've started seeing a significant amount of requests from our server to create events on a calendar (using this endpoint: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/previous-versions/office/office-365-api/api/version-2.0/calendar-rest-operations#CreateAnEvent) returning an error.

Error is: ErrorIrresolvableConflict, with the error message:

The send or update operation could not be performed because the change key passed in the request does not match the current change key for the item.

We suspect this is a new issue on Graph API / Outlook REST API / Exchange side, but have no visibility. We found this article: https://support.office.com/en-us/article/the-operation-cannot-be-performed-because-the-item-has-changed-74c99323-8a0d-4d45-ad32-e462e215a82a

Which seems somewhat related, although it does not mention the Outlook REST API.

Can someone confirm this is indeed a standing issue on MSFT's end? if not, perhaps shed some light on this error in the context of scheduling an event?


EDIT: As of November 8th, this has not yet been resolved. To anyone who encounters this issue, I wanted to share my observation so far:

When this error is returned, the request seems to still go through on outlook's side and the event DOES get created and attendees DO get the invite.

This has caused confusion as we usually retry failed requests, which results in duplicate events created.

To mitigate this, we catch this error code and let our users know that the request most likely was successful and to check their calendars before trying to submit again.

Hope that helps.

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    It is being worked on. Should be resolved in next few days. – Ivan Franjic Nov 1 at 20:31
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    Thanks for confirming. Can you shed some light on the scope of this issue? We suspect it’s related to exchange specifically and not outlook 365. Is there an status page about this anywhere? – lior Nov 2 at 21:04
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    I'm also getting this same error from the MS Graph API when creating calendar events. Thanks for reporting. @IvanFranjic please keep us updated on the fix. – Jason B Nov 4 at 15:28
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    I am also finding this error, not when creating calendar events but when updating them shortly after creating them. – Konrad Nov 5 at 10:32
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    @IvanFranjic do you have a link to a status page/update that we can follow? Like OP we're still experiencing this error – jarbaugh Nov 6 at 19:01

I am having the same issue following the same timeline.

 "code": "ErrorIrresolvableConflict",
 "message": "The send or update operation could not be performed because the change key passed in the request does not match the current change key for the item.",
 "innerError": {
   "request-id": "bbc52dac-4523-4008-8840-e7c56c013c3a",
   "date": "2019-11-01T18:47:15"
  • See the comment to my question, Ivan confirmed this is a known issue that is being worked on. – lior Nov 2 at 21:04

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