So I'm pretty sure this is not the right forum for asking a question like this therefore I would really appreciate it someone links me to a better forum for this question (if needed).

My problem:

In the unity hub I have it set so that the unity editors should download in a folder on my hard drive. However, when I click to install unity, it says there is not enough space. I believe this is because the unity hub ignored my request to install onto my hard drive (which has 180 gigabytes left) and tries to install it into my ssd (which only has 888 mb left).

It's either Unity's fault, or the fact that even though I'm telling unity to install onto my hard drive, it still needs to download some files onto my ssd and there is just not enough space. Hopefully one of you will know the answer to this problem.

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    I think this question is on-topic here under "software tools commonly used by programmers" as mentioned in What topics can I ask about here? even though this site is more focused on problems with source code. You could also try other stack exchange sites like gamedev.stackexchange.com for more targeted responses. – kmdreko Nov 4 '19 at 6:22
  1. Download the needed unity version directly here: https://unity3d.com/get-unity/download/archive
  2. Then install it on your hdd.
  3. Link the installed editor to Unity hub, inside the hub.
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