So I have an assignment where I need to reverse a string that is inputted using a loop instruction (without using push or pop). I have managed to get the program to rewrite the string character by character, but I am not sure how to reverse it. I believe that i need to index the last character of the string and reprint them in the loop, but I am not sure how to go about that. Not asking anyone to write the code for me, but any help would be appreciated.

INCLUDE Irvine32.inc

    promptQuestion BYTE "Enter a phrase you would like to reverse!",0dh,0ah,0
    reverseWord  BYTE 127 DUP(?)

main PROC
    call Clrscr

    mov edx, OFFSET promptQuestion ;prompt question
    call WriteString

    mov edx, OFFSET reverseWord 
    mov ecx, 20                 ;set char limit
    Call ReadString             ;take user input

    mov ebx, 0
    mov edx, OFFSET reverseWord
    mov ecx, eax                ;prepare counter

    dec ebx
    mov al, reverseWord[ebx]
    mov reverseWord, al
    call WriteChar

    loop reverseOrder

main ENDP
END main
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    Create pointers to start and end of string, swap the two characters, increment and decrement the pointers, repeat until they meet in the middle. – Jester Nov 3 at 0:00

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