I'm trying to write a program that includes .cpp and .h files.

Here is my code:


#include "beep.h"
#include "movecursor.h"


#include <Windows.h>
#include <mmsystem.h>

DWORD WINAPI BeepSec(LPVOID parameters);


#include "beep.h"
#include "random.h"

DWORD WINAPI BeepSec(LPVOID parameters)



#include <Windows.h>
#include "beep.h"

DWORD WINAPI MoveCursor(LPVOID parameters);


#include "movecursor.h"
#include "random.h"

DWORD WINAPI MoveCursor(LPVOID parameters)



#include <Windows.h>

int random() {
    HCRYPTPROV prov;
    if (prov == NULL)
        if (!CryptAcquireContext(&prov, NULL, NULL, PROV_RSA_FULL, CRYPT_SILENT | CRYPT_VERIFYCONTEXT))

    int out;
    CryptGenRandom(prov, sizeof(out), (BYTE *)(&out));
    return out & 0x7fffffff;

But I got stuck with this linker error:

movecursor.cpp:(.text+0x0): multiple definition of 'random()' beep.cpp:(.text+0x0): first defined here

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    int random() - you implement it in random.h and then include it to movecursor.cpp and beep.cpp - so in both this files the same int random() exist. you need create random.cpp for example and implement int random() here. – RbMm Nov 3 '19 at 11:38
  • But using random.h will result in a compile error? – Peter Mortensen Apr 4 '20 at 4:53
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  • @BDL No, not at all. – MARSHMALLOW May 12 '20 at 13:30
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    You have multiple definition of your random function, since multiple files include that header, which causes the linker to fail. Either put your random function in a separate cpp file, or mark it inline. Both links provided by BDL explain this. – ChrisMM May 12 '20 at 14:52

Put the definition of random() in a .cpp source file.

Use include guards in your .h header files:

#ifndef RANDOM_H
#define RANDOM_H
extern int random();

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