I am creating a React JS web app which will eventually be converted to a PWA so that the users can install it on their mobile devices. Now the client ask to find out a way to push these PWA apps to apple store and google store. So my query is whether we have tools for converting the Progessive Web Apps as apk or ipa files so that we can put them to apple store or play store.

I googled a bit and is right now confused because some say it is possible, some say not possible in Apple store. I also saw some tools like PWABuilder, but I am not sure which one is the right one to use and whether we can publish a PWA app to the app store and play store.

Any help on this will be very grateful.



While it is possible in both cases, publishing a PWA on the Apple Store is an incredible difficult journey, because Apple engineers try to build obstacles all the way long. This is by decision as Apple is making profits from its app store and PWAs would indeed subtract some of these gains. This is also the reason why Safari, as browser, is incredibly behind the other competitors in supporting PWAs APIs (PUSH API for example, as they promote their Apple Push Notification Service (APNs)).

Long story short, I would concentrate on Google Play Store, where you can publish a PWA after having wrapped it into a Trusted Web Activity (TWA), allowing Chrome (v72 or later) to run a website in fullscreen mode without a browser toolbar within an APK (Android Package). You can find further details in this tutorial to publish a PWA on the play store.

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    Glad it was helpful Anupam. To the person who downvote the answer: providing a reason for the downvote might help me and others to better understand why you do not agree with my answer. Simply downvoting is just void useless. – Francesco Dec 10 '19 at 13:20
  • One of the main reasons people want to publish pwa s in the appstore is precisely to monetize them. So your argument that apple is fighting this because they would lose profits is a total nonsense. The reason is security - they've invested a ton into making ios secure and making the same for a pwa is quite hard. But it will certainly happen, since both google and huawei are making a good progress there. – Tomov Jan 6 at 23:20
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    Well, I think anyone can have its own opinion about this aspect. There are plenty on documents showing both theories, therefore I won't add anything to this. I don't think Apple is "innocently" pushing against PWAs in the store just for security reasons... – Francesco Jan 7 at 10:14

You could use Capacitor to create a native App.

It is newer than Cordova.

Here you can see the Stackoverflow TagTrend: Capacitor vs Cordova

Capacitor vs Cordova

... or wait some month. Sooner or later you will get PWAs into the Apple Store. I don't think they are able to stop this process.

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    I am not completely sure about the last part of the sentence. Considering what's going on with "Hey" at the moment, I would not be surprised they would keep a hard stand against PWAs on their App Store. But I might be (and I hope so) wrong. – Francesco Jun 18 '20 at 13:48

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