I am developing a PWA app which will collect data in offline mode and save the data in indexd db. After collect it will upload the data with image from indexd db in server . But i can not send it to my back end java class. Here is my code

 //*********After click on upload button**************************// 
 vm.upload= function(state_cd,dist_cd,blk_cd,pan_cd,src_typ_cd,src_cd,src_nm,m_lat_val_degree,m_long_val_degree,src_img,imageContent){
            var imageall=null;
            var fd=null;
             var blob=null;
             var url=null;
    //***************imageContent blob content from indexd db  and transfer in image *******************************************************************//
             getImageUrlFromBlob(imageContent).then(function (result) {
                 imageall = result.replace(/data:;base64,/, 'data:image/gif;base64,');
                 //var block = imageall.split(";");
                // var realData = block[1].split(",")[1];
                // blob = b64toBlob(realData,"image/gif");
                // var reader = new FileReader();
                // reader.readAsText(blob);
                 //var image= reader.result;
                var data={'mst.stateCd':state_cd,'mst.distCd':dist_cd,'mst.blkCd':blk_cd,'mst.panCd':pan_cd,'mst.userId':$rootScope.userId,'mst.srcTypCd':src_typ_cd,'mst.srcCd':src_cd,'mst.srcNm':src_nm,'mst.mLatValDegree':m_lat_val_degree,'mst.mLongValDegree':m_long_val_degree,'mst.srcImg':src_img,'mst.imageContent':imageall};

              callAjax(data);// send image data to backend throgh ajax 
    //************************Ajax call*****************************************************//
        function callAjax(data){
                 method: 'POST',
                 url: "./WQF00069/update.app",
                 data: {} ,
                 contentType: "application/json; charset=utf-8",
                 dataType: "json",
                }).success(function(data) {
                    Flash.create('info', ' Update Success Fully ', 'large-text');
                     Flash.create('danger','There is a  Problem.Contact With Administrator', 'large-text');


After click on upload button image data which is come from indexd db and will send to java backend to upload .

But when I use formdata it shows 415 error code(Format not support )

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