I have a dictionary values and list of list values. I need to compare the list values with the dictionary values and get the matched data with key and value pairs.

My dictionary:

res = {
    'cXboTHyIeZaof6x7': ['#de6262', '#ffb88c'],
    '19hyHnlzDMEDJ9N5': ['#ffcc66', '#FFFFFF'],
    'TByXB1YzYSJW2kXO': ['#7A7FBC', '#807CC4'],
    'utTtWdchE2T6vUF5': ['#A3DAC3', '#8BD0D4']

My list of list values:

diff_tolistoflist = [
    ['#de6262', '#ffb88c'],
    ['#A3DAC3', '#8BD0D4']

Expected output:

test = {
    'cXboTHyIeZaof6x7': ['#de6262', '#ffb88c'],
    'utTtWdchE2T6vUF5': ['#A3DAC3', '#8BD0D4']

I need to compare dict values and list of values to get the similar data with key and value pair.


You can use a dictionary comprehension which is quite easy to read:

d = {k:v for k,v in res.items() if v in diff_tolistoflist}
# {'cXboTHyIeZaof6x7': ['#de6262', '#ffb88c'], 'utTtWdchE2T6vUF5': ['#A3DAC3', '#8BD0D4']}

If the values are unique, we can invert our dictionary:

reversed_dict = {tuple(res[key]): key for key in res}

Keys in the dictionary need to be mutable, so we had to convert them to tuples.

Then we can do a simple lookup of values:

final_result = {}
for v in diff_tolistoflist:
    k = reversed_dict.get(tuple(v))
    if k:
        final_result[k] = v

I've used dict.get so that it doesn't throw an exception if something's wrong.

>>> final_result
{'cXboTHyIeZaof6x7': ['#de6262', '#ffb88c'], 'utTtWdchE2T6vUF5': ['#A3DAC3', '#8BD0D4']}

This solution is case-sensitive. That means, f and F are considered different. To make it case-insensitive, you can convert string to lower when reversing the dictionary and later do the same with the diff_tolistoflist (when declaring it or when looking up the values in the loop).


Try this, I've user Filter function.

print dict(filter(lambda x:x[1] in diff_tolistoflist,res.items()))

Result:{'cXboTHyIeZaof6x7': ['#de6262', '#ffb88c'], 'utTtWdchE2T6vUF5': ['#A3DAC3', '#8BD0D4']}

You can check the the list item with dict val_list

test = {}
for key, val in res.items():
    if val in diff_tolistoflist:
        test[key] = val


>>> test
>>> {'cXboTHyIeZaof6x7': ['#de6262', '#ffb88c'], 'utTtWdchE2T6vUF5': ['#A3DAC3', '#8BD0D4']}
  • 1
    You don't need that second loop. Just test if val in diff_tolistoflist:. – accdias Nov 4 at 10:53
  • @accdias, indeed, I have updated the answer, thanks! – Saleem Ali Nov 4 at 10:56
  • No worries, mate. – accdias Nov 4 at 10:56

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