1. I generated the JHipster application frontend and backend separately. jhipster --skip-client jhipster --skip-server --db=sql --auth=jwt

  2. Imported jdl file to frontend and backend. jhipster import-jdl 21poindt.jh --skip-client jhipster import-jdl 21points.jh --skip-server

  3. Backend and frontend run with no error.

  4. CRUD functionalities of generated entities work fine, BUT THE SEARCH FIELD IS MISSING.

  5. When I generated JHipster with the same jdl file, and backend and frontend together, the search field appears as it is expected.

What I did wrong? How can I enable the search field in separate JHispter frontend?

entity Points {
    date LocalDate required,
    exercise Integer,
    meals Integer,
    alcohol Integer,
    notes String maxlength(140)

entity Weight {
    timestamp ZonedDateTime required,
    weight Double required

entity BloodPressure {
    timestamp ZonedDateTime required,
    systolic Integer required,
    diastolic Integer required

entity Preferences {
    weeklyGoal Integer required min(10) max(21),
    weightUnits Units required

enum Units {
    KG, LB

relationship OneToOne {
    Preferences{user(login)} to User

relationship ManyToOne {
    BloodPressure{user(login)} to User,
    Weight{user(login)} to User,
    Points{user(login)} to User

// Set pagination options
paginate BloodPressure, Weight with infinite-scroll
paginate Points with pagination

// Use Data Transfert Objects (DTO)
dto * with mapstruct

// Set service options to all except few
service all with serviceImpl

filter Points
  • Is "searchEngine": "elasticsearch" present in both your frontend and backend .yo-rc.json files? Also have you tried enabling the search option in the JDL? jhipster.tech/jdl/options – Jon Ruddell Nov 4 at 18:06

@JonRuddell When I generated JHipster frontend with --skip-server I was not asked about the elasticsearch. After your comment, I have added "searchEngine": "elasticsearch" to .yo-rc.json and regenerated app. Now it shows the search field. Thanks

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