I am trying to redirect my domain 'www.test.example.com' to test.example.com

in ingress i have added annotation

nginx.ingress.kubernetes.io/configuration-snippet: |
      if ($host = 'www.test.wotnot.io' ) {
          rewrite ^/(.*)$ https://app.test.wotnot.io/$1 permanent;

it's not working as expected.

For testing i have try this

nginx.ingress.kubernetes.io/configuration-snippet: |
      if ($host = 'test.example.com' ) {
          rewrite ^/(.*)$ https://google.com/$1 permanent;

which is working fine.

My site is working on test.example.com and ssl certificate.

Whole ingress

apiVersion: extensions/v1beta1
kind: Ingress
    certmanager.k8s.io/cluster-issuer: wordpress-staging
    kubernetes.io/ingress.class: nginx
    nginx.ingress.kubernetes.io/from-to-www-redirect: "true"
    #nginx.ingress.kubernetes.io/configuration-snippet: |
      #if ($host = 'www.test.wotnot.io' ) {
        #  rewrite ^/(.*)$ https://test.example.io/$1 permanent;
  name: wordpress-staging-ingress
  - host: test.example.io
      - backend:
          serviceName: wordpress-site
          servicePort: 80
        path: /
  - hosts:
    - test.example.io
    secretName: wordpress-staging

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Ingress has an annotation nginx.ingress.kubernetes.io/from-to-www-redirect: "true" which already handle this:

In some scenarios is required to redirect from www.domain.com to domain.com or vice versa. To enable this feature use the annotation nginx.ingress.kubernetes.io/from-to-www-redirect: "true"

Attention: For HTTPS to HTTPS redirects is mandatory the SSL Certificate defined in the Secret, located in the TLS section of Ingress, contains both FQDN in the common name of the certificate.

It's better that you use it instead of fighting/tweaking the configuration-snippet annotation.

  • so you are suggesting to you annotation instead of configuration-snippet. Commented Nov 4, 2019 at 17:26
  • it not working i have added annotation. still domain not redirecting.
    – user12117862
    Commented Nov 4, 2019 at 17:30
  • 1
    Can you share your Ingress config? Especially the session where you configure your host rules. Commented Nov 4, 2019 at 17:37
  • @EduardoBaitello updated question can you please have a look and help.
    – user12117862
    Commented Nov 4, 2019 at 17:43
  • 1
    Please, try to add the following annotation too: nginx.ingress.kubernetes.io/server-alias: "www.test.example.io". Commented Nov 4, 2019 at 17:59

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